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Reolink support: Reolink software download centre

Now when you are ready to set up your new Reolink camera, download the required Reolink mobile app and Reolink computer software here. Reolink setup is now made easy with the latest Reolink client software and Reolink phone app . Download all latest software or apps for your computer and mobile. Reolink recommends its in house developed camera viewing platform for all camera end users. These platforms are launched after comprehensive work on its camera management software and phone apps. All software's are available for Reolink users as free direct download on reolink-support download center. Now it depends ,how you want to setup your Reolink camera, via computer or your mobile device. These downloads are the latest versions made available on Reolink download centre. Any difficulties downloading the software or facing software compatibility issues with your device, Please contact Reolink support .

Download the latest Reolink software, firmware, user manual                       Reolink software download

        Download center

Download all latest Reolink client software for windows, mac computers and the android and ios phone app from here. Please ensure stable network availability for optimum performance and functionality of your Reolink camera software. Download the software or app and then follow the onscreen instructions for quick Reolink camera setup experience.

Reolink client software

Download Reolink client for windows computer

  • Reolink Client Windows

Operating System windows

Version No. V7.2.2.33

Download Link:   32-bit Download 

 64-bit Download

Reolink Client software

Download Reolink software client for Mac computer

  • Reolink Client Mac

Operating system Mac

Version No.  V3.5.6.55


Download Link:  Download 

Reolink App

To download and install the app, please search "Reolink" in the Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS) and to use.

  • Reolink App

Operating System Android

Web Link   Reolink App for Android

Operating system IOS

Web Link:  Reolink App for iOS 

Quick start Guide Cam

Download the Reolink Quick start guide for Reolink security camera


Quick Start Guide NVR

Download the Reolink Quick start guide for NVR

with info for Reolink software and Reolink client

Reolink Download NVR Guide

Reolink Support number

When you get stuck or need help with setup refer our troubleshooting guide or contact Reolink Support

Dial Reolink phone number (818) 697-9822

(Reolink software, Reolink Client & Reolink setup)

Reolink Client for windows and Mac

Reolink Client (Windows & Mac)

Reolink App and Client help you to keep an eye 24/7

Reolink Client

Reolink client software setup

What does the Reolink client has to offer and why this is the best Reolink camera management software.

  • Simple & Intuitive Interface
    Reolink desktop Client (Windows & Mac) brings latest technology and easy to navigate. Automated updates of Client to optimize functionality for end- user needs and improve overall experience.
  • Live View & Remote Access
    Reolink Client allows users to view multiple cameras’ & live feeds anywhere anytime and play back pre-recorded footage (saved in SD card & NVR) remotely. Support multi-screen live streaming (up to 36 screens).
  • Customizable Functions
    Whole lot of customizable functions as PTZ, FTP setup, flexible recording, motion detection (to set zone & schedule), motion trigger & alert, flexible compression and constant inclusion of more features .
  • Free & Multi-Tasking
    No subscription or monthly fee by Reolink. Enjoy free and powerful Reolink software can support and manage at least 8 cameras at the same time. A highly compatible and scalable application supports most of Reolink setup cameras and NVRs.

Reolink App (Android & iOS)


  • User-friendly reolink software interface and easy setup
    3 steps only: Reolink download and install — open — click. you can do it simple and easy
  • Remote multi-screen live streaming
    You can remotely access multi-screen live streaming (up to 16 channels) of your IP cameras anytime.
  • Remote video playback
    Enable you to remotely play back any recorded video with your mobile devices (for 410S/411S/411WS cameras and NVR).
  • Get email alerts and push notifications
    When motion is triggered, you will get emails and push notifications in real time from the Reolink client.


If you are facing any problems downloading the software or  setting up your cameras with these softwares ,Dial our support number (818) 697-9822

Reolink Firmware downloads:

To keep your Reolink device working at the optimal level, make sure your device is loaded with the updated software and firmware. Sometimes when your device is not working properly and please make sure you get the right kind of update and if you need help with reolink firmware download (please click this link) or contact Reolink software support.

Reolink Firmware for B400/D400/D420 (IPC_5128M/IPC_5174M)

Please find below latest Reolink firmware downloads for B/D/400 series. Before upgrading firmware, please check your camera model and the hardware version in the system information interface accordingly.

Reolink Model B400  Firmware download 610-19121000

Reolink Model D400  Firmware download 610_19121001

Reolink Model D400  Firmware download 610_19121002

12/10/2019 Firmware for B800/D800 (IPC_5158MP8M)

Reolink Model B800  Firmware download 610_19121001

Reolink Model D800  Firmware download 610_19121002

Latest Firmware for E1 Zoom(IPC_515SD6)

How to Upgrade Reolink camera firmware:

Launch Reolink Client , then click Device Settings button and find Information icon. Then tap on Information tab to check the FW Version. Now find the latest available version on Reolink download centre and see if an upgrade is available. When using Reolink app click on gear icon to go to the Device Settings page. Then on the top of your page, click on Device Info, and then you will find the System Information of your device. Follow the same process for checking the firmware upgrade.

Reolink support client download

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